Youth Muay Thai

Muay Thai is one of the fastest growing youth sports not just in the USA, but around the world. In fact, Muay Thai was recently given full Olympic recognition and will be an Olympic sport in the coming years. Over the past few years the USA has become a growing force in youth Muay Thai, producing numerous youth World Champions. Here at Heavy Hitters Thai Boxing our youth Muay Thai program serves all youth’s ages 5-14. Our curriculum is based around the principles of the Muay Thai Youth Developmental League, which focuses on youth safety, not just in competition, but in training as well.

During Youth Developmental League(YDL) scrimmages, there is no head contact, which creates a fun, safe, environment for youth competition. During our youth classes kids will learn Muay Thai technique in a safe manner, while building confidence, learning discipline, determination, overcoming adversity, and most importantly, having fun. Head Coach Mike is an accredited C class officials with the United States Muay Thai Federation and has tons of experience not just teaching kids, but keeping kids safe in training and competition.